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Al Tareeq Al Awal Tents & Sheds Tr. (ATA Tents & Sheds Tr.) is a group of specialized technicians, designers, and engineers to resolve any kind of requirement in tents industry.

Car Sheds

ATA is manufacturing car sheds of its own specification which are safe, low cost and good looking. Various design and models are available. HDPE is the specific compound used to make the best quality and durable outdoor shed net which is UV treated and warrantied for 10 years against UV degradation. This textile has various features , it is quite cool comparing to the metallic sheds due to breathing and ventillation by its tiny pores. It is UV treated material so very hygenic for the skin as well. Second most popular textile is Polyvenyl (PVC) coated nylon mesh. This is benificial and recommeneded mostly where waterproofing is an issue. This kind has a life from 5 to 15 years.. Beyond standard specification of ATA, we also manufacture sheds based on clients specification.


ATA team believes in innovation and always keep researching for the best technology in the tents industry. Aluminium tents are one of the safest and easiest structure design. If fact the metal is not pure aluminium but it is a specific Aluminium alloy with very high mechanical strenght but light weight. Now a days carbon filled Aluminium profiles are also available adding more strenght to the profiles without adding weight. ATA manufactures aluminium tents which are suitable for parties, storage, offices, parking sheds, exhibition tents etc. Except modern Aluminium tents ATA has specialized people for the manufacturing of traditional Arabic tents, relief tents, camping tents etc.

Sun Sheds

ATA is manufacturing sun sheds according to the need of venue, size and design. Our engineers are expert to evaluate the need and after survey then can propose the best and suitable model considering the venue conditions and the application of shed. Al though all sheds designs first important factor is the safety factor which is consiered in the design calculation and second thing is the design and good look. We have created various unique models suitable for hotel industry, schools, private villas, factories, shops and show rooms, storage places and parking spaces.


Along with various kinds of structures, ATA also deal in other outdoor accesories like umbrellas, out door Rattan Furniture, wooden furniture, wooden and synthetic decking, Arabic Rugs and plain carpet of various specs.

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