All Purpose Tents

These are most advance tents made of Aluminium alloy 6061 with high mechanical strength and light weight. Different sizes and shapes are available in this type. Main features of this kind is that these are all clear span tents means no poles in the middle of the tent. Which results in great ease providing obstruction free covered area. Main types are A shape tents which have 2 slopes on the top. Bay distance is mostly 5 m but some times it is 3.m as well. Width is always fixed like 5 m 10 15 and so on in multiples of 5 m and similarly length is available in 5 m, 10 m, 15 m, 20 m etc. Except A shape tents other types are quadra gonal top tents, high peak top tents, round top tents, double storey tents etc. These tents application is multipurpose. Wedding, Exhibition, Storage, Covered play area etc.

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