Relief Tents

Car sheds are a type of modern tents. Modern technicques are used to shape various shapes and designs by fabric and metallic frame work. Now a days some fabrics have been invention which can hold against the harsh temperature for long time as in the Gulf region. Among which HDPE (High density Polyethelene) Shed net is very popular. Except that PVC (Polyvenyl Chloride) coated canvas natural or synthetic, PE (Poly Ethelene), PVDF and many more other types of fabrics are available which can stay same as perment shelter. The estimate life span of such fabrics are starting from 2 years to 20 years, depending on the type, qyality and specification. In car sheds cantelever car sheds are very popurlar due to their low cost and long term performance. Different models are available in cantelver type with pagoda tops, pyramid tops, hipped tops etc. Except this another type is unipole car shed. This model has only one pole and its big enough to cover 2 cars.

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